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    Stu server rack


* Type: Server Cabinet Model: SU-PS 30
* Capacity (U): 42
• Standard: 19 "international standard
* Doors and locks: cabinet door with a mesh, the time of manufacture have been loaded on the two-tooth cylinder locksavailable for all common or ergonomic locks instead.
Basic parameters
Type of server rack
Capacity (U) 42
Standard 19 "international standard
Doors and locks on doors with mesh, manufacture have been loaded on the two-tooth cylinder locks available for allcommon or ergonomic locks instead.
Additional features PU foam gasket; protection category toIP54;
With condition monitoring, timing PTU

Appearance parameters
Height (mm) 2000

Material: cold-rolled steel
Surface treatment:
Framework: dipping primer
Flat-type components: dip-coating paint, powder coating
Color: (Black)
Scope of supply:
Single-plate steel door open net before. Off after the steelmesh door with a professional out of the hole. At the top,bottom, back into the line, respectively, each rack is provided with before and after the two pairs of 19 "angle gauge .4horizontal adjustment angle to ensure that the cabinet on the ground do not usually smooth.
Structural features:
¢ cabinet frame with 10% profile. To ensure that not less than1000kg load
¢ single open net before the steel door plate. Off after thesteel mesh door vents door area of ​​the ventilation area of ​​notless than 65% opening angle of not less than 135 degrees.
         U 42 42 42 42 42 42
Size mm width of 600 700,800,600,700,800
High 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Deep 1000 1000 1,000,110,011,001,100

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