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PA Technical Parameter of TA series

PA model    TA850
8次 stereo power     850W℅2
4次 stereo power     1250W℅2
2次 stereo power    1500W℅2
8次 bridge mono channel power    2000W 
4次 bridge mono channel power    2400W 
Frequency response range    20Hz-20KHz+0/-0.3dB
Total harmonic distortion     <0.02%@8次1KHz
Signal to clutter ratio    ≡103dB
Conversion rate    60V/us
Damping coefficient    ≡500@8次
Separation    ≡60dB@8次1KHz 
Input resistance    balance: 20K次; unbalance: 10K次
Input sensitivity    0.775V      1.0V     1.4
LPF    20HZ - 180HZ
HPF    130HZ - 20KHZ
Installed height     2U
Machine size WDH(mm)     483x448x88
Net weight     31Kg 

PA Function of TA series                        

Creation of rectifier bridge by high current, ensures high current of power supply unimpededly to enhance system stability. Adoption independent shielded , mo, , de high voltage part of power supply, minimize interference power on signal, to improve security of electricity.                         

Adopting European Toshiba pipe of best stability and performance as PA pipe, makes the system can endure a larger current, to get better dynamic and security.                     

Carry out rigorous testing and screening of each pair of power tubes, to ensure consistency and minimal distortion of PA.                         

Adopt prior processing method of taking point from main board directly, obtaining more clean, stable and adequate voltage, to make the sound clearer and more enriched.                       

Scientific and rational wiring design, reduces interface among input, output and channel greatly.                      

Adopting professional design, with low pass filter selection and signal resection with band pass, makes it convenient for users.                     

Adopting 8 10000uf electric capacity as power supply achieves higher power reserves.                           

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