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Digital equalizer of double stereo 15 band and monaural channel 30 band.
Input and output gain is adjustable at any time.
Digital LCD.
64 preset mode and open interface, could be reset, nominated and saved by yourself.
Each parameter is adjustable separately.
Can be used for delay.
Technical Parameter
Input socket: 1/4"TRSXLR socket.
Input resistance: balance: 44K; unbalance: 22K.
Input range: +25dB.
Output socket: 1/4"TRSXLR socket.
Output resistance: balance: 150K; unbalance: 75K.
Frequency response: 20Hz20kHz+/-0.5dB.
Signal to clutter ratio:  90dB.
Distortion: 0.03%0dB1kHz).
Processor: 24-bit DSP 48kHz sample rate,32-bit A/D,D/A.
Display: dot matrix LCD.
Power: 10W.
Power Supply: AC100120V/200240V    50/60Hz.
Size: 482x160x45mm.
Weight: 3kg.

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