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More direct-vision display and simple operation with 16〜2 bits LCD display.
More convenient operation with adjusting of digital potentiometer (MIC VOLUME, MUSIC VOLUME) sound volume and parameter. Adopts 24-Bit high performance DSP and AD/DA process.
Professional digital karaoke processor of 48KHz sampling frequency.
31 segments professional digital equalizer is built in music channel, adjusting sound field and tone quality more professionally.
31 segments professional digital equalizer is built in microphone channel, adjusting sound field and restraining howling intensively.
Digital result processor.
7 grades stereo digital modulation control.
8 elections of  MIC voice effect, 3 kinds of them are definable.
8 elections of music effect, 3 kinds of them are definable.
More accurate sound effect location with high resolution DSP.
3 groups of signal source input interface of DVDBGMCD.
5.2 channel output. Electronic frequency divider and phase of XBS bass are adjustable. Frequency, microphone sound and music sound equalization of mid-channel are adjustable.
Microphone signal can trigger the function of bass reduction automatically. Volume and duration of reduction are adjustable, which prevents microphone howling of low frequency and gives consideration to richness and distinction of voice.
Input gain control is convenient to control corresponding sound source signal level.
Test of automatic signal source input, tests and converts sound source automatically which connects to machine.
Double import and export automatic video switching output.
Three pre-interface and two post-interface of microphone.
Adjusting, statement and preservation of all parameters with only two coders, as well as humanized operating interface, makes operate more directly and conveniently.
Intelligent system monitor and automatic reset of system renovation.
Starting up default value and maximum limit set-up and intelligent number adjusting, protects machine better.
Wireless infrared distant control.
External computer control Interface is compatible to all VOD system now.
Separated power lead connection, power connection and moving of machine is very conveniently.
RS232 computer connection, for computer real-time control, along with professional Karaoke control software.
Password set-up for senior administrator, protects inner data of machine better.
Technical Parameter
Frequency range                         20Hz - 20KHz +/-1dB
          Circuit output                     <0.03%
          Primary power output        <0.05%
Microphone input
          Maximum input level            -20dB
          Input resistance (balance)    1.8KΩ
Signal source input
          DVD maximum input level     +10dB
          BGM maximum input level      +10dB
          CD maximum input level       +10dB
          EQ equalization (31segments)      +10dB
          Circuit maximum input level  +10dB
          Output noise level                -80dB
          Power(Maximum)                    15W
          Power supply                         AC 220V-240V 50Hz
Size/ Transportation size(mm)       44X 440X 240/110〜505〜360
Net weight/ Gross weight(Kg)              3.0/3.5

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