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More stable and accurate time with single-chip microcomputer control.
8 channels rated 22KW power supply, each of them has independent high performance RFI/EMI power supply filter of CE certification, to provide clear and stable power supply for machine.
Adopt 5 pins 3 phase power supply industrial socket, convenient installation and safe using.
 LED voltage indication, display electric network voltage, operation status and result of system real time.
Can insert USB light, convenient for operation in weak light.
Cut off any channel of output emergently by hardware.
Password function, protects live installation and performance better.
Programming function, changes time sequence and delay time arbitrarily according to requirement.
Users can switch on or off at all time in all place with remote control
Cascade to  power supply distributor of same model multiply; with no need to purchase other control devices.
Overpressure warning, indicates current power supply voltage higher than safe voltage, warning user to take appropriate measures to guarantee safety of your system and follow-up devices.
Multiple control modes: single, online and remote control to control complicated power supply system.
Universal socket of Chinese, American and European standard.
Technical Parameter
Operating voltage           110V or 220V20%
Operating frequency          50Hz or 60Hz5%
Power supply input           Banana jack input of 3 phase 5 pins 220V/32A.
Power supply control           3 phase 32A air switch, with current limitation and short circuit protection.
Display mode           3 pieces of diodes and 6 bits LED display: 3 bits for voltage, 3 bits for operation.
Power supply voltage          3 bits LED real-time display, accuracy is 1% of unload and full-load.
Time sequence channel           8 pairs time sequence channels of independent control.
Power supply output           100A 8 pairs of output channels, load is less than 40A of each pair with audio connection and less than 20A with pure resistance load; total output current less than 100A.
Time sequence switch           3 bits password authentication; maskable
Time sequence characteristics           Program to choose delay and adjust sequence arbitrarily, with 3 bits LED interface.
Single circuit switch           Can cut off any pairs of channel emergently.
Cascade function            Cascade mode of network cable interface (RJ-45 interface) allows multiple cascade of same model machines.
Standard voltage setting      120V130V230V240V250V
Voltage error setting      1%
Overpressure warning range       20%
Overpressure warning precision       unload: 1%; full-load: 1%
Leakage current               I5mA
Earth resistance             R100m
Size/ Transportation size(mm)     1PC:482*400*88/607*183*524(mm)
Net weight/ Gross weight(kg)             1PC:10.25/11(kg) 3PCS:33(kg)

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