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    Interpreter console LCS 6520


The interpreter console

 LCS 6520

Product introduction

Using DSP industrial digital architecture;

Interpreter supporting comfort earmuffs headset back to listening and speaking;

Unit with the function of volume, embedded single chip microcomputer control circuit, and effectively restrain the noise.

Channel matching lock function to ensure that the corresponding matching between channels and languages;

Have cough sound elimination function, avoid the interpreter cough voice of misrepresentation;

Has the speech speed application channel, interpreter can reduce the speed by missile to request the speaker;

Has the transfer function of translation, translator when you meet the don't understand the voice can be secondary to monitor other interpreter channel translation;

Can be used with infrared language distribution system;

Two interpreters can take turns to use the same translation unit;

At the same time for eight languages simultaneous interpretation function (including the original channel).

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