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    digital conference of central processor DA6000


digital conference of central processor


System overview

With CAN bus architecture industry, the computer control software encryption keys, to ensure efficient stability of the system and data transmission.

Control panel with LCD display, can be intuitive response system working status and mode.

Embedded in function, vote, grading, election.

The embedded video tracking processor and 8 * 1 video switching matrix, support management eight high-definition camera signal at the same time.

System to support the management pattern: first in first out, restrictions on speech, fully open and chairman unit priority mode.

Access management system at the same time a unit amount not less than 95 units, through the expander can access management to speak at the same time units are not less than 255 units, pure vote can simultaneously access management unit quantity not less than 930 units. But at the same time open a unit number for 12 sets.


The compatible camera haeundae control protocol: Pelco _D, Pelco_P, SAMSUNG, VISCA_SONY - the D70 agreement.

Total volume balance two pieces, with the volume mediator

With audio interface: parallel output and non equilibrium output

Rated voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50 hz

Frequency response: 18 hz - 20 KHZ


Audio output: 200 Ω

Bus: 200 Ω

Balance: 300 Ω

Non equilibrium: 400 Ω

Signal-to-noise ratio: 76 db (1 KHZ THD1 %)

Size: 480 x376x96mm (2 u "international standard rack)

Weight: 7.4 kg


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