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    multifunction digital conference system DA606C/DA606D


multifunction digital conference system


Product introduction

High precision LCD displays, 7 seconds automatically screen, display devices working mode and the state, speech unit take pen container;

Alloy material base, the receiver can be split type air plug card nong joint design;

With headset output interface, speech unit built-in high quality speaker and power amplifier, convenient meeting amplification, the volume is adjustable;

Single directivity high-fidelity capacitance pickup microphone, can tear open outfit separate microphone design;

320 < single section to all stainless pipe soft protection design;

Pick-up embedded single chip microcomputer control circuit, restrain the noise effectively, promote sound pickup effect;

With the function of vote;

No mechanical parts design, the use of long life, no noise electronic touch induction switch;

When opening the microphone, the microphone at the top of the work the bright red light;

With the meeting host can realize high speed automatic linkage following conference cameras

President speak unit preferred a switch;

Host a unit can be shut down at any time other all attend the speech unit;

Frequency response: 40 hz - 18000 hz;

Sensitivity: - 44 + / - 3 db @ 1 KHZ.

The input voltage: DC 18 v.

Signal to noise ratio: 67 db (A);

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